Man doing Ann Arbor Post Construction Rough Cleaning

What's Post Construction Rough Cleaning?

Learn in detail why rough cleaning is an important first step in the post construction cleanup process.

Following a construction project — debris, dust, dirt, and other hazardous materials will be left behind at the construction location. This is where post-construction cleaning and rough cleaning take place. To elaborate, post-construction cleanup is the process of eliminating bags of debris and waste after a construction project. This is done by cleaning teams to prevent the overwhelming piling of leftover materials, dust particles, and pieces of debris if it remains ignored and unattended.

Also, post-construction clean-up has three phases, which are; Phase 1: Rough Cleaning, Phase 2: Final Interior Clean Up, and Phase 3: Exterior Clean.

The rough cleaning phase is the first phase among the three since it takes place after or during a construction stage. The objective of the rough cleaning process is to clear up the area of the construction so that the workers would be able to continue their work in a safer and healthier environment free of loose debris, silica dust, and other allergy-causing dust that may cause them further health issues.

Post-Construction Cleanup - Rough Cleaning, How it Works

To guarantee that the final installment of the construction will be of high quality, most construction sites require rough cleaning. Though this process doesn’t need to be as thorough as deep cleaning — rough cleaning will still be helpful to clean the area from garbage, masking materials, and adhesives before the start of the next construction stage. Also, the rough cleaning process is done when the framing, plumbing, and electrical job have been accomplished.

Rough cleaning doesn't only cover the elimination of waste alone. In fact, professional cleaners might also include other cleaning tasks if necessary.

These additional cleaning tasks are as follows:

1. Window cleaning

All windows, sliding glass doors, and glass partitions are properly cleaned especially window frames and window tracks. This is to make sure that glass surfaces are spotless and hazard-free.

2. Floor Vacuuming

Professional cleaners might also wash, polish, and buff your floors since floor waxing is an important part of the post-construction cleaning process. With this, the workers can prevent injuries from shattered glass shards, sharps wood pieces, and excess materials that might be waiting to cause an injury.

Also, this allows people to see and assess the entire space clearly without having to deal with the mess of the construction waste.

a lady cleaning the window

3. Cleaning of ventilation systems

Air ducts and vents are cleaned to make sure that construction dust is completely eliminated from the entire space.

4. Vacuum cleaning of walls

Cleaning walls is also a salient part of the messy process of rough cleaning. Thus, professional cleaners will vacuum and wash the walls of the entire space to remove dust, smudges, dirt, and scuff marks.

5. Excess Caulk removal

Unwanted caulk from benches, fixtures, and fitting will be removed by the cleaners so that the commercial space will look more polished and refined.

6. Dusting of ceilings

Professional cleaners will make sure to cover the whole area from the floor to ceiling. This means the clearing of dust will include even the whole ceiling of the area to eradicate any additional dust.

7. Exterior cleaning

Debris from gardens, exterior walls, and exterior windows are cleaned by professional cleaners who include exterior cleaning as one of their priorities. This is to make sure that no amount of construction waste will be left behind, even the ones outside of the enclosed area.

a man cleaning wood shavings on the floor

Why Is Post Construction Cleaning Important?

Post-construction cleanups are not only necessary just because they make the place look neat or nice. That's just one of the perks. One of the most important reasons why they're needed is for health and safety concerns of the workers, and of course, the owners.

In addition to construction debris, various types of particles are left behind including construction dust, silicates, and other harmful toxins that may cause damage to your lungs. If you have seniors at home, these may affect their breathing and trigger other health issues. This also applies to children who may be highly sensitive with unfamiliar excess materials.

There is also a high chance someone could get hurt by the leftover pieces of debris. More than that, the waste from these sites can be disposed of in the wrong way. According to research, 50% of these waste materials end up in landfills which contribute to soil pollution and the depletion of the Earth's natural resources. So for business owners, contractors, home owners, and building owners; it is very advisable to pay close attention to this, as to not add to the harmful waste footprint of the human species.

With that being said, when you work with professional cleaning companies, they will help you safely clean out the mess. They will also pay special attention to the proper collection of all the garbage and its correct disposal, so that you wouldn't have to stress over it.

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