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What's Included in a Post-Construction Cleaning Service?

Learn about the expert practices employed by industry-leading post-construction clean-up services to understand what sets them apart

Your construction project is finished! But is it complete? Handing over a brand new or fully refurbished building to your customer should be a moment of pride and joy for all involved. But what if the place still looks like a construction site? You don’t look professional, and the customer doesn’t look happy. 

Read on to find out how to apply that final layer of polish to everything you deliver.

What is a Post-Construction Cleaning Service (PCCS)?

A construction project inevitably results in waste and mess. Much of this waste requires highly specialized handling and disposal. A post-construction cleaning service company offers specialty cleaning, typically not offered by a general cleaning company. Post-construction cleaning ensures that the project is completed professionally and that you don’t have to think about doing it yourself.


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Why is PCCS Important?

First impressions matter. Would you want to walk into your new home or office for the first time, only to find it full of dust and debris?

It’s not only a matter of pride and polish. Health and safety are potentially at risk too. Some examples:

  • Post-construction waste such as nails, screws, wires, and broken glass can hurt owners and visitors.
  • Dust arising from construction can cause issues with breathing. Deploying professional post-construction cleaning offers long-term safety.
  • Paints and other chemicals can damage and stain furniture and finishes.
  • Left-over cement mixture dries and can scratch valued and beautiful surfaces and items. 
  • Post-construction cleaning is much more than just a wash and a mop. Safe disposal of hazardous materials is our specialty.

To do the job properly requires time and effort. Relax, and let the professionals take over.

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What is the Typical Process?

  • Rough clean: From the removal of all major waste and debris, through the vacuuming stage, and finishing with the cleaning of doors and windows. All the heavy work is done and dusted.
  • Light clean: Using an array of specialized tools and equipment, experts turn their attention to kitchens, restrooms, balconies, living rooms, and other areas. Sinks, windows, toilets and cabinets are also cleaned to a high standard.
  • Final clean: Quite literally, the last bit of polish! Expert professionals clear all the smudges, fingerprints, and any remaining marks in your beautiful new building.

A good post-construction cleanup service uses the latest technologies and methods to finish the work on time and with no fuss.

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What is theTypical Result?

The smile on your customer’s face will be clearly seen, reflected in the diamond shine of their new building. At the peak of the professional handover, your reputation as a reliable, trustworthy, and quality contractor will be spoken of in the reviews to come. Why give your customer the adequate, when you could be delivering a masterpiece?

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The Difference Between Good and Bad Service?

How important are safety, efficiency, and quality? The difference will be plain to see when you hire a professional post-construction cleaning service, rather than a general cleaning outfit or settling for doing it yourself. From correct and thorough removal of hazardous materials to final clean and polish, professional equipment, products, and the highest standards are used. You always use the right tool for the job when you build... Use the right service to get that perfect final result.

When Do You Need Our Service?

When you are building or renovating a construction project you wish to be proud of, and have a customer you want to impress. Whether your next job is a refurbishment or a new build, make the decision now to make your life easier and your customer happier.

How to Hire Us Through Our Website?

Visit our website and drop us an email. You can also call directly and conduct a consultation with our experts. With years of training and experience, our professional cleaners are gaining popularity day by day. We have completed more than a thousand projects successfully, and we continue to grow. Use the best and be the best: contact us today!

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