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Post Construction Clean-up: Final Clean Phase

Learn about the most important phase in a Post-Construction Clean up.

The construction process will inevitably leave a lot of debris, dust, and other materials on the construction site and it will take a lot of effort and work to clean it up. However, because of the amount of work a construction project requires from construction contractors and workers, companies mostly hire a team of professional cleaners from agencies that offer post-construction cleaning services to handle the post-construction clean-up for them. According to Market Research, 90% of contract cleaners service office buildings.

Post-construction cleanup occurs after every construction stage. This is usually done to clear the area from garbage, debris, dust, and other remaining construction materials that may cause health issues to the workers or be an obstacle on their way to working towards the next construction stage. Moreover, the overall post-clean-up process is made up of three phases, which are; the rough cleaning phase, the light cleaning phase, and the touch-up cleaning or final clean.

Among these three phases, the final clean or the touch-up cleaning phase requires the least amount of time but admittedly it is the most important.

What is the Final Clean Phase?

Unlike rough cleaning or light cleaning, the stage of touch-up cleaning only takes a short amount of time. This is because touch-up cleaning is only done to remove stains, fingerprints, and smudges from the area, unlike the piles of debris and wastes being handled in the prior phases of the post-construction clean-up process.

Since this is the final phase of the post-construction cleaning job, the post-construction cleaners will conduct a strategic plan and a thorough search of the area. Why? Because a lot of areas and surfaces are mostly overlooked by those who aren't a part of post-construction cleaning crews. It is easy for most of us to only prioritize the surfaces that we can see all the time and those that we think are most important.

More so, cleaning professionals will cover every nook and crannies of your space including your window sills, air ducts, floors, walls, and other surfaces for a much more detailed cleaning from floor to ceiling with the goal of eliminating remaining allergy-causing construction dust and other small debris.

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Why is it important?

The final clean phase is essential because it is the final step before people who occupy the space actually move in. It's the touch-up cleaning and that means it's what will make a space look perfect. This gives the opportunity for cleaners to double-check the work and make sure everything is "spic and span."

It may be a simple and quick process, but this may just be the defining moment for a client to decide whether or not a cleaning service did a good job or not.

Post Construction Cleanup: The Final Clean Phase, How it Works

The final clean phase of the post-construction cleanup will occur a couple of days after the second cleanup phase. The days of waiting are necessary for this stage because in between those days, the dust and dirt may still be settling over counters, light fixtures, window frames, ceiling fans, and other surfaces of the area. That is why, to avoid leaving dust particles scattered and to also make sure that your commercial or residential space is spotless, the professional cleaners will have to put days in between the light cleaning phase and the touch-up cleaning phase.

How this final stage work is, that the cleaners will go over the area for one last time, making sure that the space from floor to ceiling is free of dirt and construction dust. They may also clean the garage area, vacuum the carpets, clean the windows, and mop the floors if necessary, just to be one hundred percent certain that your place is clean.

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What equipment is used during the post-construction Final Clean phase?

Commercial cleaning companies have cleaning and payment methods that vary depending on their brand and their preferences. This also applies to their cleaning methods and cleaning equipment.

But to give you an overall view, here are some of the typically used equipment for the post-construction final cleaning phase.

1. Pressure Washer

Pressure washing services are mostly done for exterior cleaning. Pressure washers are mostly used to clean out windows, window frames, and exterior walls from remaining dust shreds and particles.

2. Vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners are used for carpets and horizontal surfaces indoors to make sure that all dirt and dust residue is going to be cleared out. Mostly, this equipment is used indoors.

3. Floor mop.

For tiled flooring like bathroom surfaces, the most commonly used equipment by a lot of professional cleaners is a floor mop because of its efficiency and availability.

4. Floor and carpet sweepers.

Like vacuum cleaners, professionals also find floor and carpet sweepers as helpful equipment to clean carpets, floors, and horizontal surfaces inside your residential or commercial areas.

5. Stick floor scrubbers.

To assure owners that their space would be spotless and clear. Some cleaners also use stick floor scrubbers to cover up the whole site.

That being said, business owners or homeowners should treat the touch-up phase or the final clean as not only an option but a necessity. This phase will lead to a much cleaner and much safer area for them and their workers. Overall, the post-construction clean-up will eliminate any hazards or issues the construction process might lead to or leave behind.

Remember that there are things we couldn’t handle on our own but we can leave it to the professionals.


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