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Cleaning Office Upholstery

Explore the essential tasks and standards upheld by professional office upholstery cleaning services on every job for immaculate results.

There is a lot of traffic throughout the day in commercial environments like offices, banks, and medical facilities. That's why it is critical to maintaining the cleanliness of the space. One aspect of office cleaning that many businesses forget is office upholstery cleaning. It's not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think about "cleaning the office," but it's essential!

We give great care to cleaning toilets and hard surfaces in commercial environments, yet office upholstery cleaning is frequently overlooked. There are scents, stains, and allergies on all office chairs, waiting room couches, and wall panels. If that's the case, your workplace furniture may likely benefit from some tender loving care from office upholstery cleaning.

What is Upholstery Cleaning?

Upholstery cleaning is a specialized service cleaning for your furniture's upholstery or cloth material. Because the fabric is more sensitive and absorbent than other surfaces,  it can be damaged more easily by stains and cleaning products than by other cleaning activities.

Also, upholstery cleaning requires specific equipment to remove dirt, grime, dust mites, allergens, bacteria, fungus, mildew, mold, pet dander, pollen, smoke, grease, food, and drink spills, stains, odors, and others from your upholstered furniture.

Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning

Scheduled upholstery cleaning removes odors and stains and can also help extend the life of your upholstered furniture. Don't replace your upholstered office furniture or couch if they start looking old. Regular professional upholstery cleaning can restore the original color and remove deep stains so that you don't need to buy new furniture every time.

Upholstery cleaning keeps the furniture looking good for a long time. Some of the major benefits of upholstery cleaning include the following: reducing allergens from upholstery, removing odors, improving air quality, lasting furniture, enhanced aesthetics, and, lastly, it is cost-effective.

That is why learning the proper upholstery cleaning techniques and getting professional upholstery cleaning is so important. Otherwise, you risk making your office furniture seem worse than it did before!

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Office Upholstery Cleaning, How it Works

The quality of your facility can start to deteriorate if you don't clean your workplace furniture regularly. Because furniture upholstery is sensitive and colors fade quickly or may result in color bleeding, it's usually best to entrust the job to a professional office upholstery cleaning service.

You can avail of various services and cleaning approaches from an upholstery cleaning service that would work for your office. Commercial upholstery cleaning services will look at the fabric type, color, and age of the furniture to determine the best approach. Here's how office upholstery cleaning works.

Deep cleaning method

For deep cleaning, they'll not only get rid of the fine dust, but they'll also get rid of the nasty odor on your couch. Deep cleaning also means going deep with the pockets using special cleaning products and commercial cleaning technology to ensure that there is no dirt that's hiding even from plain sight.

Dry cleaning method

Office upholstery cleaning services use high-concentration detergent and cleaning solvents to eliminate any stains or marks that have accumulated over time. This detergent is applied directly onto the fabric, which absorbs it and helps it break apart the stains. The detergent can then be extracted from the material, and all the dirt and grime are stuck in there. After this, they will rinse off the remaining residue from your couch and let it dry. This method is safe for all types of fabrics, including delicate materials like silk or wool, and can be repeated as many times as necessary to remove any remaining stains.

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Steam cleaning or hot-water extraction

Steam cleaning isn't just for carpets. It's also great for upholstery! With office upholstery, steam cleaning is excellent for removing stains from upholstery that might be harder to get out with dry cleaning solutions. Do you know how your couch feels after you take it outside and hose it down? Steam cleaning simulates that effect—but from the inside out! It's a complicated process that uses equipment you don't usually find at home. Still, professional upholstery steam cleaning is definitely worth the cost.

Spot treatment

Regularly or upon request, professional cleaning for office upholstery can clean the entire piece of furniture or perform spot treatments to eliminate common stains such as pet, food spills, drink or oil, and tough stains. Office upholstery cleaning services remove stubborn food stains and spots from your sofa and other office furniture by using an upholstery cleaner that contains enzymes. These enzymes work on the protein in the fabric, breaking down the stain into smaller particles for a smoother spot cleaning process. Sometimes, the type of treatment will depend on the type of stain.

Deodorizing furniture

When you get your couch cleaned by office upholstery cleaning services, they'll also deodorize it because there's nothing worse than sitting next to something that smells like a dirty diaper or an old gym sock. Even if you don't think anything smells bad on your couch, getting rid of any built-up odors will make you feel better about your workspace—and even happier to spend time at the office! Pet or tobacco smoke odors can also be removed by deodorizing furniture during office upholstery cleaning.

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Fixing upholstery damage

An office has many moving parts—and sometimes, those parts include all kinds of upholstery that need patching up. Office upholstery cleaners frequently provide repair services, such as mending fabric tears or patching holes in leather surfaces.

Regular maintenance on your office furniture makes it look better, but it also increases the lifespan of your upholstery. And even though you can DIY some aspects of care, there are other ways to keep all kinds of your upholstery types looking great that should be left to the pros.

Call A Production Building Solutions for Office Upholstery Cleaning  

Regular upholstery cleaning at your office is significant for the health of your employees. Clean upholstery means usable workspaces, a more pristine office, and a happier, healthier team. Plus, it doesn't have to be too expensive or time-consuming: all you need to do is hire a cleaning professional or commercial upholstery cleaning services! When you get your office couch and other office furniture cleaned by Call A Production Building Solutions, we'll take care of it to look new again.

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