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What is Good Commercial Cleaning?

What can you expect from a commercial cleaning company? Find out what expert service looks like.

On any given day, offices should focus on running the business and managing the facility, not worrying about dealing with the cleaning and building maintenance issues in the workplace. This is why hiring commercial cleaning services is a smart choice. This not only saves you time, but it saves money and a lot of hand-holding because you're letting industry experts do what they do best. 

What is Included in Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning companies cover the larger and heavier cleaning jobs that aren't done on a regular basis.  Commercial cleaners work in manufacturing and business settings to provide specialty cleaning services on a larger scale, beyond routine cleaning. They deal with the kinds of mess that aren't typical in a residential or domestic home.

A commercial cleaning team is a team of cleaning experts for a particular facility, industry, or type of premises like libraries, hospitals, schools, recreation centers, restaurants, offices, pharmacies, warehouses, housing, retail, industrial, and others. They are highly qualified in professional cleaning standards and methods.

What Makes a Good Commercial Cleaning Company?

Choosing a commercial cleaning company to maintain an office or commercial building isn't easy. You'll have to know which company performs well. You'll also need to know what sets a commercial cleaning company apart from its competitors. You'll find that there are seven qualities that make a commercial cleaning company "good”.

#1 Experience and Expertise

An inexperienced commercial cleaning firm lacks the necessary skills and knowledge to clean and maintain your building properly. When looking for a cleaning service, don't simply look at how long they've been in business—see if they've ever cleaned for a client in your field. If your facility is a hospital, for example, be careful to inquire about their previous experience cleaning hospitals. Or, if your facility is a bank, ask if they have a thorough understanding of the complexities of cleaning a financial institution. A good cleaning company will answer your questions readily and easily.

#2 Reputation and Professionalism

Professionalism in a commercial cleaning company is not just about demeanor. Ask these questions when you want to find out about professionalism: 

  • Are they a part of any professional associations or organizations?
  • Do they hold ISSA's Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) or other certifications?

An exceptional commercial cleaning business will take the required measures to earn these certificates, as well as make the effort to join top-tier professional organizations and associations, guaranteeing that they stay current with industry changes.

Also, a good commercial cleaning company has a list of references from satisfied and happy clients. Do further research and find out more about customer satisfaction through their reviews. Check which companies are hiring the cleaning service; you'll get a clearer picture of the cleaning company's reputation.

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#3 Consistent and Committed

A great commercial cleaning firm is known for its consistency and commitment. Have they worked with the same clients for a long time? If yes, it's a good sign that the company is dependable and consistent.

When engaging a cleaning firm, you want to know that you can count on them to complete the job to the same high standard every time they enter the facility. Regardless of which staff members are cleaning your building, the end product should be consistent.

#4 Organized and Well-Equipped

If you're meeting with a potential commercial cleaning company, ask yourself: Do they appear organized? How is their presentation? Are their vehicles reliable and clean?

You also need to check on their equipment: does the cleaning company work with top-of-the-line apparatus? You need to ensure that your building can be cleaned and maintained properly with their company equipment. Ask if they have specific equipment for your industry. Are they able to keep your building facility clean and hygienic within industry standards? You'll need a cleaning service that guarantees that your facilities maintain a healthy environment.

Know your business's particular needs and find a commercial cleaning company to match.

#5 Security and Confidentiality

The value of privacy and security cannot be taken lightly. A good commercial cleaning company can be trusted with cleaning the building or facility without supervision. It's important to know if the potential cleaning company runs background checks on its employees. 

It's also helpful to ask about the cleaning company's policies on managing keys and key cards. Who is given access to the facility? How do they decide who is eligible for such access? An exceptional commercial cleaning company should have systems in place. They will be more than ready to answer those questions.

#6 Bonded and Insured 

Accidents happen, no matter how thoroughly you vet a cleaning business. Great commercial cleaning firms will be bonded and insured, with proof of current general liability insurance.

Many businesses have supplemental insurance policies in place to cover them in the case of an accident or the loss of a client's property. Inquire with any company you're considering if they have supplemental insurance, and if so, what kind of policy they have.

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Choose a Certified Commercial Cleaning Company for Your Industry and Facility

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