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Carpet Cleaning, Installation and Restoration

See what the experts say. Carpet Cleaning, Installation and Restoration : Everything you need to know!

Carpets are an important constant in American society. Since its introduction in the late 1700s, carpets have become part of American homes and establishments. By providing a sense of psychological comfort and safety, carpets remain a choice for both the homeowner and the business owner.

To achieve the best results, carpets must be installed professionally, cleaned regularly, and restored masterfully when the time comes. If properly maintained, a good carpet can last for around 10-15 years. Clean carpets bring the best out of any home or building that uses them, and you can keep it that way with the help of quality carpet cleaning services.

Everything you need to know about Carpet Cleaning, Installation, and Restoration

Clean carpets stay clean with the right kind of maintenance. To know what carpet cleaning solution suits your needs, here we discuss what each service is, how it works, and what benefits each service has to offer.

Carpet Restoration

Carpet restoration is the process of resolving problems that a carpet has, bringing it back to pristine condition. It starts with determining the cause of the damage, odor, or stain to know which treatment must be done. Here are six of the most common damage that happens to carpets as well as the treatment for each condition:

  • Color Loss - Caused by a bleaching agent. Adding dyes to the carpet can help return the original color. Replacing the bleached area through patching can also be done.
  • Color Stains - A chemical reaction between colors and a solution leads to color stains. Chemical treatments or patching resolves this problem.
  • Damaged carpet - Burns, tears, and pet scratches on damaged carpets can be restored through stretching, patching, and other repairs.
  • Lumps - Wear and tear caused by years of use (walking, moving furniture, etc). Stretching the carpet will help it fit the room once again.
  • Pet odors - Enzyme treatments remove the substance that causes odors.
  • Soil and Grease - Chemical treatments paired with steam cleaning even the oldest of spots on the carpet.

Expertly resolving the problems on the carpet brings it back to its glory and saves you the money you could have used in completely replacing the carpet. It enables rental property and business establishment owners to have low maintenance costs, lets renters keep their deposits, and helps a home stay appealing to future buyers.

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Carpet Installation

Carpet installation is the next step after choosing the carpet you want for your space. Professionally done carpet installations mean the difference in your carpet's life span. There are three kinds of carpet installation:

Glue-down Carpet Installation

Has two types: direct glue-down installation and double glue-down installation. The carpet can be directly glued to the floor, or a pad can be glued to the floor first and then the carpet is glued to the pad.

  • Direct glue-down installation  - Directly gluing the carpet to the floor would require it to be free of imperfections. Otherwise, these imperfections will be visible through the carpet and may also cause wear spots. This kind of installation is popular in commercial settings.
  • Double glue-down installation - Also called double-stick installation. A pad is glued to the floor, and the carpet is glued to the pad. This provides more comfort and insulation, extending the life of your carpet. Installation tends to cost more than direct glue-downs.

Stretch In Carpet Installation

Stretch-in carpet installation is a widely used method for home carpet installations. Tackless strips, wooden strips that have nails angled towards the wall, are either nailed or glued around the edges of the room. After securing the padding to the floor in the middle of the room, the carpet is then attached to the pins. The carpet installer stretches the carpet tightly across the room. This method is quick and efficient but is not suitable for very large spaces or spaces that have rolling traffic.

Cut to Fit Carpet Installation

The carpet installer cuts the carpet to fit a room's exact measurements but does not attach the carpet to the floor. If placed on a pad, it must be placed on a firm, dense pad to lessen the occurrences of buckles or ripples on the carpet. This method is suitable for carpeting in bathrooms and places that get occasional water. However, the carpet can move since it is not attached and weather changes may affect the size of the carpet; expanding when it's hot and shrinking when it's cold.

Carpet Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

These are specialized kinds of upholstery cleaning services. Clean carpets help homes and commercial buildings alike maintain good air quality, much like air duct cleaning does, but the focus is on the floor. While having a commercial vacuum cleaner helps, it does not finish the job. Investing in professional or commercial carpet cleaning services is useful for cleaning carpets of all kinds. Here is an overview of five long-established cleaning solutions used in the carpet cleaning process.

  • Steam cleaning - A wand or brush pushes steam into the carpet fibers, loosening the dirt. After this, the water and any other loosened debris are extracted.
  • Dry cleaning - A type of powder is spread on the carpeting with the use of a rotating brush. This powder attracts and collects the dirt, which is later removed.
  • Encapsulation - Also a dry cleaning method. A powder detergent is applied to the carpet, trapping dirt and dust. Once the detergent begins to bubble or foam, it brings the trapped dirt and dust to the top of the carpet. Finally, the detergent and the dirt are extracted.
  • Bonnet cleaning - A kind of light shampooing. The wand, covered with a cloth called the bonnet, along with water and detergent is rubbed on the carpet. The bonnet is the means for removing the water and loosened dirt. Bonnet cleaning has a faster dry time compared to shampooing.
  • Shampooing - Done with a wand or a machine with rotating brushes. A high-pressure hose pushes water into the carpeting as a brush scrubs the carpet. After this, the shampoo, water, and dirt are extracted from the carpet. Extraction is done several times to ensure the removal of the shampoo.
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Having a carpet saves you from grout cleaning, typically done on tile floors, and methods done to clean a hardwood floor. However, professional carpet cleaning becomes necessary to keep the carpet from being home to allergens and other harmful chemicals. Quality carpet cleaning makes use of cleaning products capable of removing pet stains, water stains, and ingrained dust and dirt that vacuum cleaners cannot reach.

How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Company

Choosing the best carpet cleaning service company should put industry experience and customer service into consideration along with the quality of service that the carpet cleaner has to offer. A Production Building Solutions is your best bet. For over 28 years, our experienced teams have been providing quality services for all types of industries and facilities, both for residential and commercial properties. Whether you have a carpet that needs restoration, cleaning or need to have one installed, A Production Building Solutions is ready to serve!


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